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RC 14001 Certification

I.t is appropriate generally inside the area of the chemical Industries. Responsible Care (RC) depends on seven Codes of Management Practice: Pollution Prevention, Distribution, Product Stewardship, Process Safety, Employee Health and Safety, Security, Community Awareness and Emergency Response. The use of the RC 14001 standard is to furnish associations with the components of a successful Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Management System that can be incorporated with or into other administration frameworks necessities, to help associations accomplish their ecological, wellbeing, wellbeing, security and monetary objectives and targets.

RC 14001 Responsible care management system is a standard with focus on

  1. Environment
  2. Health
  3. Safety
  4. Security

We provide turnkey solution in RC 14001 which includes complete Gap analysis, preparation of documentation, Training, Risk assessment, Identifying the objectives and programs, Identification of the legal requirements and support towards compliance to RC 14001 standards.

The implementation duration varies from 4 months to 12 months depending upon the size of the chemical industry. This standard applies to Chemical Handlers, Storage companies and processing companies.

RC 14001 certification is carried out only for chemical handling companies and the accredited certification provided is valid for 3 years.

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