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ISO 55000 Certification

ISO 55001 Asset Management Certification

Actualizing an advantage administration framework requires speculation of time, vitality and at times, significant cost – defended just by your association’s capacity to understand the advantages of execution. Autonomous affirmation or check gives your business, client and different partners with a reasonable pointer of your execution against your benefit administration and more extensive business goals.

Additionally, if you are looking to grow your business and demonstrate to customers and prospective customers that your system meets the requirements of a globally recognised asset management system, certification could be right for your business.

PAS 55 when first introduced, ISO consultancy received the maximum bouquets for implementing an Asset management system in various companies.

With the type of Asset management consultants we have, many companies undertook trainings on PAS 55.

Over time when ISO 55000 was introduced, the same companies which underwent trainings approached ISO Consultancy to provide our value added services to implement ISO 55000.

The elements of ISO 55000 which have to be implemented are Risk assessment, SAMP, AMP, AM policy, AM objectives, Operational Planning and control, Management of change, Outsourcing control, Document and Record control, Performance monitoring, Internal audit and management review.

ISO 55000 is available, so what happens to PAS 55?

In the event that your association has been utilizing PAS 55, then moving to ISO 55000 is genuinely clear. In spite of the fact that the structure is altogether different, the vast majority of the components above are fused into the prerequisites of ISO 55001. However ISO 55001 is a standard for ANY advantage sort, though PAS 55 is unequivocally focussed on the ideal administration of physical resources. In this way, despite the fact that PAS 55 will be "pulled back" as a BSI formal Specification in 2015 (empowering a 1-year cover with ISO 55000 for exchanges of their affirmations), associations may find that there is progressing estimation of PAS 55 as valuable direction and instruction material.

A move manual for the relocation from PAS 55 to ISO 55000 has been composed by the Woodhouse Partnership's CEO John Woodhouse in conjunction with BSI. This clarifies the diverse design of regular prerequisites and the association of substance in the ISO standard, now adjusted to the new obligatory structure for all administration frameworks.

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